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Hamburg said many areas of progress that were made after the terrorist attacks of 2001 to improve health security have been undercut by budget reductions. “We aren’t adequately maintaining a strong and steady defense, leaving us unnecessarily vulnerable when new threats arise.” South cheers Carolina’s score of 7 is a pretty strong score, said Albert Lang, Nice words senior communications manager for the health group. He said the state does well as far as preparing for climate change and adopting new technologies. Lang said South Carolina is among only 10 states to get a positive rating in emergency health care access. “That’s ensuring that doctors and nurses and responders can get into an area that is deemed an emergency zone and can provide care,” he said. “A lot of states don’t have rules and regulations and laws that encourage that, but South Carolina having them means they don’t have to create them in a disaster, and that’s a big deal.” Some key findings of the study include: 26 states increased or maintained funding for public health from fiscal year 2014-15 to fiscal year 2015-16; just 10 states vaccinated at least half of their population, ages 6 months and older, additional hints against the seasonal flu from July 2015 to May 2016; and 10 states, including South Carolina, have a formal access program or a program in progress for getting private-sector health-care staff and supplies into restricted areas during a disaster. A troubling trend identified in the report is that health emergency preparedness funding for states has been cut from $940 million in fiscal year 2002 to $660 million in fiscal year 2016, and health care system preparedness funding for states has been cut by more than half since fiscal year 2005 to $255 million. SC SCORE SUMMARY A full list of all of the indicators and scores and the full report are available on Trust for America’s Health’s website: . health and wellness news articlesFor the state-by-state scoring, states received one point for achieving certain indicators or zero points if they did not achieve the indicator. Zero is the lowest possible overall ta score, 10 is the highest.

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