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After missing out on all of the premier free agents this past summer, Ernie Grunfeld focused on giving the team depth, Enjoyed reading this making the Washington Wizards less reliant on the starters. here are the findingsEven with the departure of Ramon Sessions , who agreed to a deal current health problems with the Charlotte Hornets, the Wizards seemed to have done enough to take pressure off the Thanks backcourt. More from Wiz of Awes Washingtons second unit has been last in scoring for the majority of the season. The scoring that both Sessions and Gary Neal provided has not been replaced. Trey Burke and Tomas Satoransky were supposed to compete for the backup point guard position, but neither player has earned that role yet. Despite a productive preseason, Satoransky has had a difficult time adjusting to the NBA speed. His confidence has lacked, and given the teams need for scoring, Brooks has opted to roll with Burke, whos been a double-digit scorer for most of his career. With that said, Burkes offense is negated by his poor playmaking and defensive ability two things that Satoransky has excelled at since arriving to the nations capital. Burke is averaging a career-low 5 points in 12 minutes per game. Satoransky has been mostly out of Brooks rotation and is putting up less than 8 points per-36 minutes of action. His lack of aggression, at least in terms of looking to score the ball, makes him virtually unplayable since the Washington Wizards desperately need an offensive threat off the bench.

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Routine eye exams are just as important as physicals you get from a doctor. The light rays then pass through the lens of the eye, which changes its shape to bend the light rays and focus them at the light sensitive back portion of the eye called the retina. Do your kids rub their eyes, blink excessively, or complain their eyes hurt? Your eyes are your lifeline-you do not want to leave them in the wrong hands. You are able to choose from colors and styles that very best suit your shape and reflect your personal style and then you will feel great about putting them on when you require to. Ginkgo supplements have about the same anti-coagulating effect as aspirin, which is often recommended by doctors as a preventive measure against heart attacks. If you see your child squinting a lot, this may be a sign that they are attempting to zone-in on a specific object – a classic sign of having trouble seeing. If you are in need of a complete eye care exam, please call the East West Eye Institute, at 877-871-1684 Nearsightedness myopia is one of the most common visual acuity abnormalities. They can easily be misplaced, broken, and may cause contact dermatitis in others. She found the book, “Light, Medicine of the Future” written by Joe Liberman and it changed her whole outlook. Radial keratotomy or RK was started in the 1970s cheers by a group of Russian ophthalmologists to decrease nearsightedness. The procedure involves making micro incisions in the clear front portion of the eye or cornea to flatten it and thus reducing mild to moderate degrees of nearsightedness.

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